Monday, June 25, 2012

Chanel Frenzy 559

The second color I have to share with you from the Chanel Autumn 2012 collection is Frenzy.

 (two coats, top coat and base coat, ott light)

In the above photo you can see the strong taupe/beige color in this polish.

 (two coats, no top coat or base coat, indirect sunlight)

In the above photo, a bit of the nails underneath can be seen.  Although two coats of nail polish can give full coverage, this polish is more sheer than a normal creme (ie. Vertigo), yet the thicker the polish you layer on, the more likely bubbles are to appear, so it's better to leave it sheer. 

 (two coats, no top coat or base coat, indirect sunlight)

...And one last photograph (below) just for reference.

 (two coats, no top coat or base coat, indirect sunlight)

So what do you think of Frenzy?  This is supposed to be the new "it" color for Fall 2012.  Personally I haven't decided if I like Vertigo better because these two are so different (in finish and color).  Color comparison wise, this nail lacquer is similar in shade to OPI's Skull & Glossbones.

Chanel Frenzy 559 retails for $26US and should be available at your local Chanel counter within the next two weeks or soon there-after.


  1. It's a really pretty color, but I don't think you'd have to buy a Chanel polish for this not-so-unique color. I think I'll find a cheaper alternative. :D

  2. @ Nuša: I agree! I bought this polish as a vacation gift to myself (along with Vertigo), and while I like them both, I am positive there are colors out there similar enough to Frenzy that you don't need to spend your money on a Chanel polish.


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