Friday, June 12, 2015

Upcoming Chanel and Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Collections

This summer Chanel has already released two collections: 
Collection Méditerranée and Les Beiges

Yet, they've decided to release another.  And we can be happy they did!

The Chanel Blue Rhythm Collection - May/June 2015

Do you love blue nail polish as much as I do?  Well if so, the Chanel Blue Rhythm collection is just for you!  

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Featuring two new blue nail polishes, the Chanel Blue Rhythm collection will debut Chanel Le Vernis 665 Vibrato and Chanel Le Vernis 681 Fortissimo.  Fortissimo is the polish that is currently marked as limited edition, but there is a chance that both of these may be gone if they sell out.

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Look below for some actual swatches!

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And check out this great partial collection review from Missfrankiecat on YouTube where she compares Fortissimo to an older Chanel polish (one of those ones we all still want if we don't already own it), and demonstrates what a great formula Vibrato has with one coat on a swatch wheel!  

Check out the video HERE

This collection is supposed to be available currently at a Chanel counter near you (although it is not yet showing on their website), and in June at your nearest Nordstrom and Macy's if you live in the United States.  The YouTube reviewer from the link above mentioned she picked up her lacquers from a United Kingdom stand-alone store, so here's to hoping these are releasing the same time in Europe and elsewhere if you want to get your hands on these two!

Next is the Chanel Fall 2015 Collection:

The Chanel Les Automnales Collection - Fall 2015

I saw this collection first on Instagram from @maritushik, and now both and the British Beauty Blogger have posted about it on their websites.

This collection features three lacquers:

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Above from left to right: Chanel Le Vernis 669 Chataigne, Chanel Le Vernis 671 Écorce Sanguine, and Chanel Le Vernis 679 Vert Obscur.

Now, my guess is Vert Obscur will be the most popular of the three.  A dark green?  That's certainly a fan favorite (remember Nars Zulu?) but that's not the only green lacquer Chanel has come out with recently…

Chanel Le Vernis 767 Fraicheur

(Edited 6June2017 to add:)

And now let's take a step back from all of the Chanel polishes and look at Christian Louboutin's upcoming nail collection:

Christian Louboutin Scarabée - June 15, 2015

@louboutinworld's instagram has hinted at these polishes for a while now:

Or this one:

A photo posted by Christian Louboutin (@louboutinworld) on

And here is the final look:

image from

Aren't they beautiful?!

Three duochrome/multichrome lacquers are the focus of this nail polish collection.  As with each polish collection Louboutin has released, these spiked lids seem to be a specific, unique color all their own to distinguish them from all of your other Christian Louboutin lacquers.  As an added touch, this collection features boxes with a scarab beetle cut-out (a nod to the namesake of the collection).

Chanel nail polishes retail for $27US and Christian Louboutin polishes retail for $50US.

Will you be picking any of these up?  Anyone own any of these yet?


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