Saturday, June 10, 2017

Christian Louboutin Loubichrome Collection

The Loubichrome collection from Christian Louboutin came out at the very end of 2016/very beginning of 2017.  Three lacquers in beautiful heavy glass bottles with rainbow colored handles in stiletto shaped points.  These are smaller than normal Christian Louboutin lacquers, at only 0.2 oz while other Christian Louboutin polishes are 0.4 oz.  This also changes the price point, so each of these lacquers are only $30US instead of the regular price point of $50US a bottle.

The second these were available, I bought them from Nordstrom's website.  I got them as soon as possible (with free shipping)...and then immediately set them on top of my desktop to stare at them for a month.  Or five....

These beautiful bottles hold frosty flecked lacquer that is a unique blend of a foil-like finish featuring a frosted, silvery look.  The rainbow-lidded glory of these lacquers may have one thinking that the lacquer inside would also be rainbow-like and feature holographic polish, but that is not the case.  None of these polishes are holographic.  They are neither holographic, duochrome/mulitchrome, nor are they opalescent.  Instead, the frost/foil finish adds an extra dimension to the yellow, red, and purple color of the lacquer.

no base coat, 3 coats of Loubichrome I, no top coat

Above is Lubichrome I.  It is the most sheer polish out of the three lacquers, and needs three or more coats to cover any visible nail line (VNL).  

This yellow is an interesting hue reminiscent of lemon-lime, with a tinge of green that makes this polish unique in any collection.  The frost look in the frost-foil finish of these polishes seems to also be the strongest with this polish, where the visible brush strokes are present on the nail far after the polish has dried.

no base coat, 2 coats of Loubichrome II, no top coat

Second in the collection is the red lacquer, Loubichrome II.  The frost/foil finish makes this red-hued polish look very pink on the nail in certain lighting.  Visible brush strokes were minimal, and the foil-effect is much stronger than any frostiness that this finish may have, making this polish more wearable than Loubichrome I.  The pink-red hue is suspended in a silver, foil base, giving the metallic particles within the polish a high shine through the pink-red base.

no base coat, 2 coats of Loubichrome III, no top coat

The last in the Loubichrome collection is Loubichrome III.  This purple hue is such a nice, vibrant color.  The finish of this polish is very similar to Loubichrome II, where the foil finish shines through to create a metallic purple polish that consists of silver microparticles in a purple base.  The final effect when this polish dries is a sparkling purple lacquer with a high silver shine.

One word of advice I will give with this lacquer is that you definitely need to wear a base coat with it.  When swatching I tend to try out most colors without using a base coat to see how they work by themselves without some type of smoothing base underneath.  After swatching this polish, I wore it for three days straight, and when I took it off my nails were stained yellow-orange wherever the polish had been.  This is why a base coat is vital.  You don't have to buy Christian Louboutin's base coat to use with these polishes, but I do recommend using your own favorite base coat to prevent staining.

As I've found with other Christian Louboutin polishes, these lacquers were very easy to apply, helped on by the long handle of the bottle.  Furthermore, I found these to be the easiest handles to wield because of the smaller handle/bottle size.  This makes me wish that more Christian Louboutin lacquers were available in these 0.2 oz sizes!

As of posting, on 10 June 2017, these polishes are still available to buy on the Saks Fifth Avenue website!  No need to pay scalpers on eBay for exorbitant prices, when these are still available from an official retailer! Yay!

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