Sunday, February 7, 2010

NT1: Storage

My first Nail Tip (NT) for this blog: Storage!

Storage for nail polish is such an important part of nail polishing, that I thought it was worth it to mention this first.

I've only become more organized in my storing of nail polish more recently, so I'll give you some insight into how I store my nail polishes and supplies, in hopes that it will help you with your nail polish storing and organizing.

I purchased the stacking containers I used for my storing from Target. The top level I use for storing nail polishes, and the bottom level I use for storing my other nail polish supplies, such as files and cotton balls.

The trays I use for lining up my polishes are from the Dollar Tree and Office Depot, but you can check out any office supply store to find little trays like these. They're usually located in the desk organization area (where file cabinets and such can be found).

The Caboodles box that I use for storing nail polish I use less often, I have had for years, but I just recently saw a similar version at Target in the makeup section the other day. This size and style of Caboodles really works for nail polish storage because it is the perfect height to fit taller polishes, and it has a mirror attached to the lid, that helps you see all your supply from every angle.

The best advice I could give for making your storage containers work for you, would be to bring your tallest bottle of nail polish with you when you go shopping (so if you have a few polishes that are KO polishes, or similar taller-than-usual polishes, consider bringing those), to make sure the nail polishes can stand up right. If you are using trays to organize your polish, take into account that this adds more height to each bottle, so something that was originally a tight fit may not close now.

For a few ideas of where to get storage containers for nail polish, consider the following:

Other things to consider:
  • Do you want to be able to see all your nail polishes from the outside of the container? (If yes, then you should consider narrowing down your search to containers that are clear in shading.)
  • Consider the size of your nail polish collection currently, and the rate it is growing at. Do you buy a new polish (or a few) each week, or one every other month?
  • Will you want to be able to move your storage around? (The Target storage containers I purchased are easy for me to carry from room to room, and they stack so I can hide them away in my closet. But some people may prefer a wall mounted organization rack, so consider a spice rack or something similar, if this is the case.)
Thank you for looking. Bye for now.


  1. I want!!! Please come organize my polishes? :D lol

  2. Hah! Lol, thanks Brooke. Though I think polish is about the only thing I'm organized in.


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