Saturday, March 13, 2010

SOTD: A Lucky Interview

From OPI's Hong Kong Collection comes Lucky Lucky Lavender. A beautiful shade that is a light purple color.

I had an interview to go to, so I decided that I needed a soft shade, and a little luck. What better color?

This photo (shown above) is the most color accurate of the bunch. Rather than being a pinkish-purple shade, or a purplish-pink as some people call it, I would say Lucky Lucky Lavender can be best described as a soft and warm-hued purple, which lends it its pink undertones, while still leaving it a soft/cool shade.

I really think a nail polish this shade would work well with every skin tone, because it is both a cool and warm shade, and purple/pinks tend to be more neutral colors.

So, I know many of us buy some nail polishes just for the color name (rather than the actual polish)! But, this time I'd say this buy paid off, since the interview went amazingly well.

What about you - have you ever bought a polish for the name? And if so, which one and why?

Thanks for looking! Bye for now.


  1. Good choice for an interview!!! I just might wear this to my next one... a little luck could never hurt!

    Have I bought polishes just for the name? Oh yes. That's why I own Zoya Brooke :) haha. I'm sure there are many others - those advertising people are a bunch of smarties to come up with these names that make us go 'oh, I NEED that, even though I already have the exact same shade!' :)

  2. I want this one and Panda-monium pink :]
    I bought Icing Laura's Fave because of my name is Laura. :P

  3. @Brooke: Just what I was thinking with this color! A little extra luck can never hurt. Ahh, Zoya. They really have brought in nail polish wearers with giving each polish a feminine name (mostly, at least). It's also nice, that 'Brooke' is spelled the same way! And of course we could always use new polishes...even if we have three (or maybe 30?) of the same shade! Those darn advertising people are too good at what they do!

    @Technopathetic: I want Panda-monium Pink as well, but I'm trying to convince myself I already own enough shades of pink...even though it has such a cute name! I have yet to buy an Icing's polish, but I hope Laura's Fave is your fave...or you at least like it greatly (if only for the awesome name)?

  4. hmmmm i have worn it's sheer luck from opi to all my exams and i still buy polishes for the name...altough i know some colors won't flatter me :)
    maybe the chemicals in the polish cause these brain malfunctions heehee :)

  5. Well the one I remember I purchased for the name was Essie - After Sex - short of buying BB for male with names over biased towards the male gender. Couldn't explain what the name of the Essie one means, but the color turned out very pretty.

    Hope you were hired after the interview, good luck for the job, keep the pretty colors coming ...


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