Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SOTD: Lippmann It's Delovely

A juicy summertime color!

You can tell this polish is a bit older since the bottle reads "Lippmann Collection" rather than "Deborah Lippmann" but I bought it new at a Beauty Supply Store recently. If you're looking for out of date Lippmann polishes (Rehab, perhaps?), I would suggest searching Beauty Supply Stores in your surrounding area to see if they have older stock.

This polish only took two coats to full glossy coverage.

These photos make the polish look like it's a tomato red color, but this is definitely a coral red shade (it's just a tad pink-er in real life than it is in these photos). It looks quite similar to the newer Deborah Lippmann shade Girls Just Want to Have Fun, but I think that shade might be a bit more orange/coral and a bit brighter than It's Delovely.

I've never tried a Lippmann polish before this one, and I have to say this wore quite well! I had it on for over five days and it took a beating, being exposed to chlorinated pool water, map reading (which consists of poking at points on a map and shouting "There! That's the turn we missed!"), and other summertime activities since I chose this polish to wear as a manicure for a short vacation trip I took last month.

A great summertime color that can stand up to the elements! What more could you ask for? (Plus the bottle shape is divine, so it looks great standing alone on a dresser, or it can stand out in a packed Helmer!)


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