Friday, July 1, 2011

Nars Midnight Express

Hello fellow nail polish lovers! Long time, no see! It's been quite a while since I last posted, so I have a lot of catching up to do! My hiatus from blogging was unintended, but I'm back on board now, so you'll see quite a few (backlogged) posts this week and the next as I begin to sort through my emails, etc. that I haven't been able to respond to.

Without further ado, here is Nars Midnight Express:

Two coats of blackened-blue goodness. I believe this was without a topcoat. This polish is quite shiny on its own!

To clarify, the bottle of Nars Midnight Express shown here is the re-release that was from the Nars Vintage Collection that came out Fall/Winter of 2010 (just in time for Christmas... or for those darker winter days when pastels and brights just won't do).

As I've mentioned, this is two coats (with a basecoat, because this will stain). You can see in the photographs that this polish would be more opaque with a third coat (as the light shines through the free edge making it look like there are gaping bald spots), but since I tend to be a bit heavy handed with my first and second coats of polish, two coats looked fine in real life.

The above photo shows how this polish usually looks, like a black with just a hint of blue seen around the edges where light hits it. Don't be surprised if people assume you're wearing black nail polish!

And there's my final shot of this lovely polish!

This is certainly one of my favorite lacquers out of my entire collection. There is something quite regal and classic about this shade that I think makes it wearable any time of the year. I'm ecstatic that Nars decided to re-release Midnight Express (along with Zulu, Mash, Full Metal Jacket, and King Kong).

If you didn't pick up this color when it was originally available or when it was re-released, it is still available on ebay... for a marked-up price. Zulu and King Kong can be found on Amazon for the original $16US price tag (plus shipping).

So, that's all for right now. Thank you for all that have continued to follow and visit this blog even with no new posts showing up for the last 6 months! I really appreciate your support! And to the new followers that have found this blog while it's been on hiatus, welcome! I'll be trying to answer my backlogged emails soon, so if you've emailed me, hang on for a bit longer, I haven't forgotten about you! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or whatever season/weather it is where you are)!


  1. Glad your back! When I started following you there weren't any new posts from you, but I still loved your blog so much I just had to follow! =]

    Anyway WOW what a brilliant jelly blue! It looks awesome =]

  2. Yaaay! You're back! (hadn't yet read this post when I emailed you yesterday). Looking forward to your posts!

  3. Your nailsare to die for girl :) I'm glad you're back!

  4. @Sara ♥'s ...: Thank you for following even though I wasn't posting! And thank you for the lovely comment - this is in my top two favorite blue jelly-like polishes. There is something intriguing about a blackened-blue polish that "glows" blue in the sunlight!

    @ABOP: Thank you! I'm glad I'm back too!

    @linneakjellberg: Thanks for the comment! I miss that nail shape and length I had when I took those photos, but it's fun to change it up a bit. I'm equally glad to be back to regular posting!


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