Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deborah Lippmann True Blood Collection

Hello!  Deborah Lippmann seems to be coming out with quite a few collections that are exclusive to HSN.  Her last major collection, Footloose, was one I totally missed out on.  (Even when it was on sale on the HSN website!)  So this time I promised myself that I would order the next collection at the first opportunity I was able to.  And now this came in the mail today!  So I wanted to share it with you as quickly as possible.

Let's jump right to the photos:

 Let It Bleed, 2 coats, Deborah Lippmann base coat underneath, no top coat

Let It Bleed is the special polish out of the whole Forsaken collection because not only is it being released with Deborah Lippmann's first lipstick, but also because it is infused with the new Forsaken fragrance that is named after the collection.  The prominent notes of the fragrance seem to be floral with just a hint of something else.  Not musky, but rather a clean smell overall.

 Human Nature, 2 coats, no base coat, no top coat

Human Nature is the neutral shade that came in the two piece collection that is centered around the character of Sookie Stackhouse from the True Blood series.  This is described on the HSN website as a "mortal putty taupe", which is a great description for this polish.  In real life, it is hard to tell if this polish leans warm or cool, because different lighting situations show this shade off differently.

 Fairydust, 2 (thick-ish) coats, no base coat, no top coat

Fairydust is the other half of the Sookie Duo.  While this polish may just be meant as a top coat to add sparkle to any base color, this polish does more than just sparkle.  Having a strong opalescent quality to it, this white glass-flecked polish flashes reddish-orange to slight shades of pink in direct light.  To see more of the effect, click on the photos to enlarge them.

 1 coat Fairydust over 2 coats of Human Nature, no top coat, no base coat

Since these two came together in the same package, it only seemed right to layer them over one another!  If you love the look of Fairydust but hate the VNL (visible nail line), then layer it over Human Nature and you get the same great glow without the VNL.

1 coat Fairydust over 2 coats Let It Bleed, Deborah Lippmann base coat, no top coat

While I was getting carried away layering Fairydust over all the polishes, I thought it only fair to show you what it looks like over a darker color.  Here I did a little more experimenting, where from let to right in the photo, I have on a think coat of Fairydust, a medium coat, and a thick coat.  As you can see, Fairydust has a pretty thick consistency, where one thick coat almost wipes out the color underneath!  A thin coat really helps to bring shine and unique reflections to the color it covers.

The last nail polish set is a triple pack of mini bottles, which I did not order.  The Forsaken lipstick that comes with the nail polish Let It Bleed is a nice deep shade of rouge that looks like it will be flattering on many skintones.  I did try to swatch the lipstick, but it wasn't working out well enough to show what shade the lipstick is, so I had to scrap those photos.  What I can tell you on the color of the lipstick is that while it appears similar to the shade of Let It Bleed in the bottle, once on your lips, it does not look as dark.  This is a rather nice effect because it makes the lipstick more wearable.

Another great thing with this collection is that all the bottles have the "deborah lippmann TRUEBLOOD" logo in silvery-white (and red) on one side, while the opposite of the bottle has the original "deborah lippmann" logo in black.  This makes for a nice effect for the range of light and dark shades available.

Well I hope that helped with your future shopping decisions!  If you want to pick up any of this collection I suggest you run over to right now before anything is sold out!


  1. wow i love these!! really beautiful and unique colors!

    1. Yes! I love them too! And for a "vampire inspired" set, I think this is a very wide range of shades! Did you pick any up?

  2. Wait...WHAT?!? There's actually a scented polish on the marked that doesn't scream "tween"?!?!? I SO need to try this out!

    I am surprised at how opaque the Fairy Dust turned out to be, but when you explained that it was a white glass fleck, it makes total sense.

    Such a beautiful collection!

    1. Let it Bleed certainly doesn't smell "tween" to me! ;) The fragrance (which I still have a hard time describing) smells more like a perfume than a specific "scent" which does give it more of a "grown up" feel.

      And while Fairy Dust is quite opaque, I would also mention the fact that it depends upon how you paint your nails. When I paint the polish onto a nail, I tend to overlay each swipe of the brush, so that could add to the thickness? Maybe. Just a thought.

  3. I just love fairy dust!! I NEED to get some nude and beige colors! I have NONE in my collection! So gorgeous! <3

    1. I would totally recommend the Sookie set for you! Fairy Dust is really an awesome polish! And I don't tend to wear nude colors, but Human Nature was such a nice shade on, that I kept in on for over a week!

  4. Great blog! Would you like to follow each other?

    Much Love,

  5. I have the colors, lighting doesnt change it..I take Photogrpahy
    and the nailpolish is a dream! true blood=LOVELY

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