Monday, April 1, 2013

Nails Inc Feathers Collection

Was this your most anticipated Spring Collection of Nail Polishes?  The promo pictures sure were intriguing!  Bright colors, densely packed, and smaller than normal bar glitter makes these polishes stand out from the crowd!  And now the collection is out and available at your local Sephora store.

 Edinburgh (2 coats), base coat, no top coat

When the promo pictures first came out Edinburgh was not one of the original colors shown.  Instead, Chester was the color that most people that got press samples were given.  I guess Nails Inc wanted people to go to their website to pick up that color?  Either way, I am glad to have Edinburgh.  The pale blue and peach fine bar glitter is a great combination.  It's pale enough to be perfect for Spring and colorful enough to be perfect for the coming Summer months.

Cornwall (2 coats), base coat, no top coat

Cornwall is probably the boldest color-combination of the collection.  The stark white against the royal blue is a fun combination to wear - because of the fine quality of the bar glitter, from far away this polish looks like you're wearing speckled white and blue polish on your nails.

 OPI Eurso Euro (2 coats), Cornwall (on accent nail, 2 coats), base coat, top coat

The dark blue glitter in Cornwall matches a lot of blue-toned polishes that have come out in the last year.  One such color combination is OPI Eurso Euro and Cornwall.

 York (2 coats), base coat, no top coat

The lightest color-combination of these four polishes in this collection, York incorporates the same shade of peach glitter that is in Edinburgh, but against the white the orange glitter looks brighter.
Maybe because the orange is relatively similar in shade to white rather than the deep blue in Cornwall, the overall effect of this polish is a peach sheen - from far away, the polish looks like shades of orange rather than a stark white and bright orange combo.

 Brighton (2 coats), base coat, no top coat

At my local Sephora, this color is the one that has sold out, and it is not surprising it is popular!  Described as "teal and yellow" bar glitter on the Sephora website, this is the punch of spring-turning-to-summer every nail polish collection needs.

 (From left to right:) Floam, Brighton, Floam, Brighton (all 2 coats each), Elmer's Glue base coat, no top coat

The overall color-combination of Floam looks darker and greener than Brighton.  Because Floam is made up of tiny particles rather than little rectangles, it covers the full nail bed more thoroughly than Brighton.  (If you enlarge the photograph above, you can see the blank spaces in Brighton appear more prominent than those in Floam.)

 Brighton and Edinburgh (3 coats), base coat, top coat

To see if I could achieve the same look that Chester has, I layered one coat of Edinburgh over one coat of Brighton, then topped it with a thin coat of Brighton to blend the two color together a bit more.  The combination does not come off the same as Chester because Chester is only made up of pale blue, peach, and yellow glitters (there is no teal glitter like there is in this layered combination above). 

NYX Hieroglyphics (middle and pinky fingers, 1 coat), Cornwall (index and ring fingers, 1 coat)
All layered over OPI Ogre the Top Blue (2 coats), base coat, no top coat

The photograph above is meant to show a comparison of "regular" bar glitters compared to the bar glitters in the Nails Inc Feathers polishes.  Most glitter polishes with bar glitters contain large pieces that are often considered "hairy" in terms of glitter polishes.  Not only are normal bar glitter polishes filled with larger pieces of glitter, but the glitter in those other polishes are less dense than than the Feathers bar glitter polishes.

So now that you've seen the whole collection, what do you think of it?  I really like the attention to details on the bottles: the color-coordinated birds on each cap that match the color of the glitter in the bottle is a great detail.  The color choices are nice, but I know I've already picked out my favorite of the bunch.

Unfortunately there is at least one down side to the polishes; because they are made of glitter they are impossible to remove without a ton of scrubbing with an acetone-based remover.  This is the standard for any glitter polish, so this comes as no surprise.

There are already duplicates that are showing up in the nail polish market (like the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes), and at a better (lower) price.  On that note, I would like to mention the fact that I am so happy these polishes were the same price as the rest of the Nails Inc core line at Sephora.   I think this may be one of the only mainstream lines that did not increase their prices on their Spring collection. 


  1. I love all of these! I was so excited when I saw Sally is doing somewhat of a dupe~

    1. Yes, me too! And Sally's dupes look almost the same! Plus, Sally has the Nails Inc shade (their version of it, at least) that never made it to the US! And it looks like China Glaze is going to come out with their own version soon, too!

  2. I like these! I have Chester and Cornwall and I think they are great fun!

    1. Glad you like them! I love Cornwall (I get a lot of compliments when I wear that color, where people tell me it looks like speckled polish - like little dots of white and blue - so interesting!), and I am completely jealous you have Chester! When the promo pics came out, that was the color that looked most interesting, in my opinion, considering it is the only polish to have three different colors mixed together.


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