Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Sephora by OPI Collection!

No, it's not the new Glee collection recently released by Sephora. If you've checked out the Sephora by OPI complete line of nail polishes online and scroll down below the new Glee Collection, there are a few new arrivals to the SOPI line.

The "Urban Ballerina Collection" seems to be SOPI's Spring collection, with the (mostly) soft shades that are in this collection.

The description on Sephora's website reads, "Inspired by the eclectic style of an urban ballerina, this striking collection infuses a punk-rock edge with the typically soft, sweet (and pink) palette of classical ballet. The shades in the Urban Ballerina collection reflect the urban dancer's dynamic textures and colors, like shimmering pink satin, the steely gray of downtown buildings, and the neutral tones of a city landscape. Each shade is totally wearable, fashionable, and a must-have accessory!"

So, this 6 polish collection boils down to two shades of gray, two shades described as "beige", a light pink, and a purple "true grape" shade. It will be interesting to see what the shades look like when they pop-up in stores. A plus about visiting a Sephora store is that the nail polish display usually always has a Tester of each shade so you can try before you buy.

Besides the new Glee Collection and the Urban Ballerina Collection, Sephora is also releasing a new chunky glitter top coat. It appears to be similar in style to Only Gold For Me and Flurry Up, but is in a copper shade rather than gold or silver. Unfortunately, this shade is not in stock online right now, but hopefully it will be available soon!

Well, I hope this little preview helps with your Spring Nail Polish Shopping! To see the collection in full or check out any of Sephora by OPI's other colors, go HERE.

*All images used in this post were taken from Sephora's website.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I LOVE Flurry Up and Only Gold for Me, so I'm pretty sure I'll be getting Traffic Stopper Copper.

  2. Very nice blog, found your blog through Swååfie and I'm following you now :D

  3. The 3rd and 4th colors are my favorite!

    I did a blog post on some of my favorite nail designs by blogs I follow and I featured one of your designs.

    Check it out.


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